Why Gainer Beauty

Why buy from Gainer Beauty ?

  • Gainer Beauty Lipsticks are made  with love using all natural plant based ingredients, botanicals, minerals as well as natural waxes and oils.
  • Our products are CRUELTY FREE.
  • Gainer Beauty offers customized lipstick and lip-gloss solutions.
  • We provide handcrafted tailor made lipsticks and lip-glosses.
  • We can bring your Discontinued lipstick or lip-gloss back to life.
  • Name your lipstick (make it personal)
  • Lipsticks are made using natural plant based ingredients
  • Made in the U.S.A.
  • Problems Gainer Beauty solves?
  • Gainer Beauty keeps you from collecting several lipstick and lip-gloss shades you don’t use.
  • Gainer Beauty helps you create colors you love!
  • Gainer Beauty keeps you from making color choice mistakes.

What to expect after you purchase a custom product?

  • You will be contacted to set up a time to create your product.
  •  We will create your own unique blend.
  • You will have a color you love.
  •  You will save money on lip colors that collect dust in your makeup drawer.
  • Reunite with a favorite discontinued lipstick or lip-gloss.